Bernd Geschonneck
the electrician of your choice


Are you looking for an reliable electrician in the south of Tenerife ?

I learned my profession in a factory where they specialized in building asphalt mixing plants, where I also learned to understand the logical circuitry of the automating industry. When the relay control-units were exchanged for computer controlled units, I was directly involved and got my first experiences in computer science. Due to my experience overseas as a technician in the service of this company, I learned a lot about the different rules and terms of many different countries.
After ten years I left this firm for family reasons and started working for a special company in Berlin, where I was engaged in building a transformer station in the famous hospital Charity, and so I got my first experience in the construction of mean voltage.
After a change of residence to a rural area I started to work for an on-site electrical installation firm. Here, I got my experience in domestic installations, mounting aerials, telephone switchboards, and building lightning rods. When I came to Tenerife in the year 2000, I initially worked for a British telephone- and computer shop for five years as a computer technician. After that I was employed for few years in a famous water park. Now it´s time to be proactive and tell you, dear fellow men:

I´d like to be the electrician of your choice.

Tel :+34 650 19 84 56
Yours sincerely: Bernd Geschonneck